J D Currie Youth Camp,  Camas, WA
  Camp Support,  We are supported by the Community
                                                    Thank you.

OK, So you have had a complete blast at Camp Currie and you want to give back to the   Camp, help support it. And now you are wondering how: 

The camp is a non profit organization under the guidance of the Camp Currie Board of Directors.  As with all non profit organizations the camp relies on donations of time, skills and funds in order to maintain this facility and offer this great experience for the youth of our area. 

You can donate monetarily, these funds help to do things such as replacing the pump head after the older one finally stopped working, and other necessary maintenance.  New facilities need to be built.  Existing facilities require ongoing repair.

Camp Currie has work days at the camp.  During the work days trails are cleared, damage from weather and general wear and tear are repaired.  Work is required to keep up the camp through the changing seasons.

From time to time there are specific projects requiring a variety of skills and tools.  If you have skills, equipment or other resources which you could make available to the camp let us know.  We maintain a list of resources to use when needs arise. 


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