J D Currie Youth Camp,  Camas, WA


First confirm your reservation request by phone with the camp caretaker   (360-834-3384)


Next, download the application below, and mail it in with a copy of your  Certificate of Insurance, and (* Donation deposit if applicable)  within 10 working days, to the Camp Currie Caretaker.  Be sure the application is signed by your organization's authorized agent.            

               Download Group Reservation Forms           


Mail in your Donation and Donation Record Sheet.

* Donation Deposit for Large Groups                            

In the event that the whole camp is requested, a deposit of $300 (per day of use) is requested with the application.  This equals 50% of the $600 minimum donation requested.  In the event that a group of 25 or more apply for camp use, a deposit equal to 50% of the total donation is requested with the application. 


Call (360) 834-3384

JD Currie Youth Camp
PO Box 580
618 NE 232 Avenue
Camas, WA  98607

Regulations and safety standards:           

In order to provide a safe environment for everyone using Camp Currie, the following Regulation and Safety standards have been established.

A completed C.C.Reservation form and Certificate of Insurance must be on file with the Caretaker before your stay at Camp Currie.

First Aid-CPR:
A trained First Aider and Emergency Kit must be on site at all times during your stay.

Personal Pets / animals are not allowed unless pre-approved by the Caretaker.  Specifically no dogs, cats, livestock or domesticated animals are allowed.

Firearms and Fireworks:
Use of firearms are prohibited, unless advance arrangements are made (i.e. color guard presentations, firearms safety class, etc).  Fireworks are prohibited in the camp.

Alcohol and Tobacco:
Use of alcohol by minors is prohibited.  Use of tobacco by adults must comply to all local, state, and federal laws and with the sponsoring organizations code of conduct.  

Fires and Firewood:
Fires only in established fire pits.  Fire wood must be supplied by camp users. Fallen limbs can be cut and used for firewood in camp.  Do not cut any living trees.  Extinguish all fires before leaving camp.

Water pump:
Don't wash any thing at the pump area.  Keep all foods and detergents out of the area.

Picnic Tables:
If picnic tables are moved, they must be returned to their original site upon departure.

Trail Maintenance:
Clearing of trails or pathways must be pre-approved.  Maintenance of existing trails for safe passing is encouraged.

Rest Rooms:
Do not abuse these facilities. The Latrines must be kept free of rocks, cans, sticks, bags and feminine hygiene products. Toilet tissue is not supplied.

Pack it in, Pack it out:
Leave the camp better than you found it.  Remove all litter and garbage from the camp sites before departing.  A garbage dumpster is available however, you are encouraged to pack out all your refuge.

Motor Vehicles:
Speed limit in the park is 10 m.p.h. Park only in designated areas. Motor vehicle use on the roads only. Vehicles are not allowed in the meadow or across the creek. Keep all roads clear for Emergency vehicles.

The main gate will be closed but, unlocked for you prior to your arrival.  You may close the gate after your group has arrived. When you depart, please close the gate, replace the chain and leave it as you found it.

Common Sense:
Comply to all local, state, and federal laws pertaining to youth organization camping. Do nothing that will discredit your organization or J.D. Currie Youth Camp. It takes every camper to keep a good camp for years to come! Help us keep Camp Currie safe, secure, and accessible for you and future youth groups.

Limited Resources:
We rely on everyone to do their part to keep this camp usable, available, and safe for all youth organizations.  All persons using Camp Currie will comply with the regulations and safety standards. Noncompliance is grounds for ejection.

All downloads can also be found here.         

Reservation Form
This is the reservation request form as above, which is to be sent in to Camp Currie to reserve a date to use the camp.  It is a pdf file.  In order to use it you must have Adobe Reader® installed.  This is a free download.  If you need Adobe Reader® you can download it from   http://www.adobe.com

Camp Currie Trail Guide
This is a trail guide of Camp Currie.  Click the title to download this pdf map.

Camp Currie Road Map
This road map shows major routes to Camp Currie and a layout of the southern camp sites.  Click the Title or Map below to download this pdf.


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