J D Currie Youth Camp,  Camas, WA
  Camp Facilities

Camp Currie is packed with many different facilities, all create an atmosphere designed to give Camp Currie that something special that sets it apart from other camps. Of course, there are many other opportunities available to Camp Currie's guests, including hiking trails, camp out spots, lake access, with more coming every year, through the hard work of volunteers, Boy Scout Eagle projects, and service ideas.

Image The lodge is a prominent part of the camp. It has two lofts, one on each side of a central great room. Each side has 8 bunks ready for sleeping bags. On the ground floor, there are an additional 10-12 bunks on each side, under each loft. In addition to sleeping quarters, the lodge has a large fire place, electricity, and benches and tables for working on crafts and dining.
Image Camp Currie has three Adriondacks.  Each cabin shelter consists of three walls with a front porch opening and 12 bunks inside. They are great for camping in challenging weather.
Image Living close to nature can allow focus on higher consciousness.  Together with wise guidance, nature can be a wonderful teacher. For religious services you can hike up the trail to higher ground. There is a chapel tucked away in a nice quiet corner of the camp.
Image For evening events the camp fire amphitheater is a great place! With a stage setting and 2 fire pits there isn't a better place in camp to enjoy a few skits and songs! There are plenty of benches for your audience, as well as a front row spot designed especially for wheelchair access. 
Image Although many campers prefer to bring their own bottled drinking water,  fresh well water is available from our vintage hand pump. Remember this camp has been around since 1943.
Image The Cooking Hall is a covered dining area with fire place and fire heated cooking surfaces, an area to create some great camp cuisine, or to have a scoutmaster chili cook off! An electrical outlet is included.
Image Four vault latrines are strategically located throughout the camp grounds. Each has two units. Bring your own tissue.

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